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Some feel their sins are too big, too many, or too awful for even God to forgive. Others believe God has forgiven them, but they can't forgive themselves. In this compassionate message, Brenda shares her personal struggles and the TRUTHS God gave her to help others become truly liberated in the fullness of Jesus and Him alone. (Groups, large or small, love it!)

**Each presentation can be timed and tailored to meet your group's needs**

The Beautiful People

Many Christian women have let the world's view of beauty define their worth. Consequently, they have unconsciously hindered their inner beauty from shining outward. Pick and choose which beauty talk(s) will enhance your event:

Is Beauty Bad?

This question gets a lot of feathers ruffled, even in Christian circles. But, ultimately, finding balance in one's pursuit for physical beauty leads us to Truth.

Eliminate Worry Lines: No Costly Creams Needed -

Improve one's beauty by renewing the mind and erasing the regrets of the past.

Meditation God's Way: No Class Fees:

Emphasis is on exercise, weight issues and spiritual nourishment.  We are what we eat and what we speak.

#1 Designer Gives Fashion Tips:

From head to toe, sport a style that glorifies God.

Thinking Beautiful:

Highlights that move from earthly wisdom to godly wisdom.  Groups gain a 20/20 perspective by setting goals, living deliberately for Christ and focusing on the abundant life in Jesus now and eternally.

Fruit-Full Living: Growing the Heart's Garden

Some Christians confuse people by their outward paraphernalia, sending one message while their words and actions send another. Brenda uses humor and offers practical tips to stir audiences to model the effects of Christ in their lives and to develop Christ-centered relationships with others. (Groups tend to do a lot of nodding or ribbing in this one. LOL)

It's Not Over

Many feel as though they missed their opportunity to be a powerful witness for the Lord. They believe the enemy who whispers , "You're too old, sick, late, etc." Brenda offers encouragement to Christians from all walks of life to overcome discouragement and to embrace what the Lord is desiring to give each of His kids. (Perfect for groups who may need a little push.)

Whistle While You Work

Spring-cleaning reveals cobwebs, forgotten closets, and stacks of clutter shoved in corners and under beds.  As Christians, we may have some less than desirable heart issues hiding in some nooks and crannies of our spiritual house. Let God wash you afresh with His grace and restore His temple to a pearl of immeasurable value. (Definitely a "speaking to the heart" room-motivator!)  

Equipped For Such a Time as This

Not all of life's journeys are fun. Sometimes, our health turns poor, we lose a spouse, a divorce occurs, our children rebel. With the story of Esther as a backdrop, we'll discover the importance of godly character in all destinations. (Groups love this one-everyone relates.)