A Fresh Purr-spective

I slept but my heart was awake. Song of Solomon 5:2

In this month's pic --our cats had been playing with their toys, taking each other's favorite ones until it came to the leopard mouse they both love. They finally shut their eyes with the prize between them.

Meet Buddy and Jimmy, our cats, the babies in the household. Both of them started out as cats who lived in our yard. We assume someone dropped them off or forgot them or couldn't catch them when they moved. Anyways, our sweet and fluffy one came first. Our 11-year-old nephew, Isaiah, named him/her Jimmy since that was the name of one of his favorite friends who had moved away. Then, Jimmy brought a thin companion to our yard one day, and he began to live in the bushes. My husband, Nelson, coaxed him each day to come out and say hello. My husband named him "Buddy." Eventually, he made his way to the edge of the hedge and began to talk in soft meows to Nelson. After a few months of loving on them and giving them plenty of food, water and rubs, Jimmy followed Nelson into the house.  About 3 days later, Jimmy brought Buddy in. We took them to the vets and found out Jimmy is a girl. My nephew said, " Her name is now Jimmy slash Amanda, but we'll call her Jimmy for short." The two kids pretty much have us wrapped around their paws, and they come in and go out pretty much as they see fit, about 80/20. We love them very much and are so happy they chose us as their parents.

We feel they are gifts from God. Every month, you'll get a photo of either Buddy or Jimmy giving us "A Fresh Purr-spective" on life. 

Check back each month for a new Scripture to punctuate the Purr-spective.