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Many call Brenda a gifted Christian speaker, author and teacher. With her friendly and open style, she's a favorite at any Christian women's event. After listening to her moving and sometimes humorous stories, audiences  leave inspired to connect and grow closer to the One who redeems and restores lives... Jesus Christ. 

As  a speaker, Brenda connects with Christian women by sharing her journeys  with Jesus through challenges brought by: 

  • spiritual abuse
  • financial  problems 
  • divorce 
  • eating disorders 
  • fertility issues 
  • living with a  chronic illness 

Brenda ministers compassionately to women with hurting  hearts about the redemptive and restorative power of Christ. Her  heart’s desire is to remind women no doors exist in our past and present lives beyond the mercy of His unconditional love. 

Brenda has been a Christian since 1978 and began her current women's ministry  in 1998 as founder of a home-based Bible study called Sisters in Christ. She delivers God's Word with boldness and sincerity, combining  personal anecdotes with scripture to illustrate sound principles. She loves sharing with women the life-changing power of Jesus Christ and encourages forgiveness, healing and discipleship with her practical approach

Many of her writings appear in Christian magazines such as Women Alive!, Journey, Light and Life, and Writer's Digest as well as in books like God's Little Rule Book and Families Can Bounce Back. In addition, Brenda is the Co-President of Christian Writers Group of Greater San Antonio (CWG). Besides writing, she has edited over 50 books and countless articles/devotions for others authors. The CWG has published a yearly Advent book since 2000. If interested in writing or editing services, please contact Brenda for more details.

Brenda is a CLASS (Christian Leaders, Authors, and Speakers Seminar) graduate and former drama, speech and English teacher for both high school and junior college students. She offers a variety of speaking topics perfect for Christian women's retreats, seminars, and luncheons to encourage and inspire your group. 

At her church, she serves as the prayer director for Women's Ministry as well as the Marketing Director for the "All In" Campaign for new development and debt reduction. Brenda's husband, Nelson, and their cats, Jimmy and Buddy, give Brenda additional inspiration for her topics. 




"I've seen Brenda share her faith at small gatherings in her living room, to an audience of 200 women, and with every day strangers encountered in our travels together. Brenda's message--like the woman herself--is alive with the anointing of the Holy Spirit."

Allison Pittman: Critically acclaimed novelist and 3-time Christy finalist



"I've known Brenda as a motivational speaker and author for many years, working side-by-side in numerous ministry ventures. Her passion for God and desire to reach out to others is seen in every aspect of her life. Her genuine openness is very refreshing."

Linda Goldfarb

International Speaker and 2018 Golden Scroll Awards Nonfiction Book of the Year


"Brenda is an anointed woman after God's own heart. As a conference speaker, she reaches out to ordinary women with in-depth spiritual teachings that inspire, heal, and lead many to confessions of Christ."

Pamela Taylor

Retired Master Sergeant--USAF

Conference Attendee


"You (Brenda) were able to put into words exactly the way I feel. What an inspiration it is to know I can find my worth in Jesus Christ, the One who made me as I am."

Rachelle Acheson

Women's Retreat Attendee

Kerrville, TX


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